Regain control over your cycle

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Take back control of your cycle

Do you experience painful period cramps, bloating, irregular and/or heavy periods, acne breakouts, cravings, or mood swings before your period? This one is for you. These symptoms are considered normal but they are not. Common yes, but you shouldn’t have to deal with this every single month. This program is designed to address any hormonal imbalance that you might be experiencing that are related to your menstrual cycle. Let’s re-gain control of your period health!

Package details

6 months month plan

Plan includes

  • Fully bespoke meal plan to help reach your goals
  • Bi-weekly follow ups to provide support
  • Email support throughout

What can I expect?

Your plan includes...

A full range of features. Regardless which service you choose, Nourish will be available to provide you with the support you require until you reach your goals. Your journey starts here.

  • 1:1 Private consultation

    With Ellen including a review of all body systems and your current lifestyle to understand the root cause of your symptoms

  • Personalised plan

    Tailored specifically to you to address the symptoms and health goals you have shared with me

  • In-depth diet diary analysis

    To examine and evaluating your diet in terms of its nutritional content, food groups, and portion sizes etc

  • Discount on supplements

    Discounts on high quality supplements which will help you achieve your goal if required

  • Review Medication

    We will review your medication and any supplements you may be taking to help understand your case

  • Functional testing

    Functional testing if required and interpretation of the results (additional cost)

Why choose Nourish?

Years of experience, ready for you to benefit from


Nourish aims to provide immense value to our clients through an open, honest and friendly approach


With years of experience, knowledge is key to providing an excellent service


We know how important your health is and we will do our best to help you reach your goals

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