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Hi, I’m Ellen Sorlen. I’m a nutritional therapist with over 200 clinical hours and a huge passion for educating and guiding my clients to achieve optimal health through all aspects of life.

I believe nutrition is so much more than the food we eat. It’s about the way we nurture our bodies through the relationships with ourselves and others, it’s about our happiness, thoughts and purpose. Food and exercise play a role but it shouldn’t be the main definition of health.

During my mid 20s, my skin decided to pass on the message that something inside my body wasn’t the way it should be. During the first couple of years, I didn’t look at my acne in that way, that something wasn’t right. I was too focused on external treatments, different skin products and various medications. None of these made any real improvement so I was clearly focusing on the wrong thing.

I decided to enroll in the College of Naturopathic Medicine as I had always had a huge interest in nutrition. During the first year in college, I decided to properly look into my diet, my stress levels, the way I was exercising and my mental health. Within 6 months, my acne had reduced significantly alongside some other symptoms I was experiencing. I was no longer running to the mirror first thing in the morning to look for any new breakouts.

The problem is that I had previously been focusing on the symptoms rather than looking at the potential root causes. Hormonal imbalance, a nervous system that was under a lot of stress and a fairly sluggish liver caused some internal suffering which my body tried to communicate through painful breakouts, irregular cycles and low mood.

I have a great interest in hormone health, disease prevention and weight loss but I also support clients that present with other symptoms or those who want to optimise their health and general wellbeing.

When symptoms creep up, this is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right so we shouldn’t ignore it.

How can I help

A quick look at our services

Your weight loss journey

Hormone imbalance, stress levels and different types of medication can all contribute to weight gain. By addressing these issues and establishing healthy eating habits that fit your personal lifestyle, in order to ensure healthy weight management.

Your health reset

Have you finally decided to address those symptoms that have been around for some time? Or do you just want to kick start your health journey to feel your absolute best? This package is for you.

Re-gain control over your cycle

Do you experience painful period cramps, bloating, irregular and/or heavy periods, acne breakouts, cravings, or mood swings before your period? This one is for you.

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