Before I found Ellen, I was at the end of my wits. I was sick of feeling robbed of so many days where I was just feeling mentally and physically rubbish – I was feeling numb, exhausted, irritable and anxious and it was just miserable. I thought I had to do something about it and find out more about my PCOS condition and get a food plan suited to my condition. If this could help, it would be worth a shot.

Before I started, I was sceptical that changing my diet would actually make much difference but I was desperate to try anything. After a month or so of working with Ellen, I began to notice a huge difference in my energy levels.

I was feeling much more myself, balanced, joyful and steady throughout the day without feeling constantly tired and on edge. I began to notice the impact that certain foods had on my body in good and bad ways which helped me understand what my body really needs and doesn’t need. My understanding of what is going on with my hormone levels has been huge for me and learning how to balance these has helped me gain control of something I had felt so out of control about.

I have enjoyed Ellen’s approach from not just looking at my diet but looking at all the other things that play a contributing part to my overall health offering insightful advice that has helped me mentally, emotionally and physically. She has been a constant encouragement in our 1.1’s and was always really informative every step of the way. She has enriched my understanding of my condition and how to help manage the symptoms and as a result I feel much more myself than when I started.

As a bonus, I have lost over a stone in three months which has also boosted my confidence as I fit back into clothes that I had grown out of. I would thoroughly recommend Ellen and I now realise just how much your diet can really impact your mood, energy and hormone levels and that your health is worth prioritising and investing in to be able to live life fully and happily.