Did you know there could be a link between alcohol consumption and the risk of acne?

There are a few areas to consider when it comes to the link between alcohol and acne.

1.     The liver is responsible for metabolising excess hormones such as oestrogen. When alcohol is consumed, the liver must refocus its attention to detoxifying the toxin that has entered the body which means the oestrogen metabolism needs to wait and oestrogen starts building up. Alcohol also contributes to an increased conversion of testosterone to oestrogen meaning even more oestrogen will be present. Oestrogen levels tend to be higher in women who drink alcohol compared to those who don’t drink. Therefore, alcohol consumption can in some cases interfere with the menstrual cycle and contribute to the presence of acne.

2.     Sugary cocktails trigger breakout further as sugar is linked to inflammation which is present in a lot of acne cases. Spikes in blood sugar can increase sebum production, the oil that’s found on the skin. The combination of inflammation and excess sebum are seen in acne prone skin. 

3.     As if this isn’t enough, think about the type of foods that might be consumed after a night out. As alcohol can cause low blood sugar levels, the cravings for carbohydrate might explain why pizzas, burgers, fries and other fast food are on the top of many people’s list after a night of alcohol. These foods are, just like sugar, pro-inflammatory and a trigger for acne.

4.     Alcohol can also lead to certain nutrient deficiencies. Low levels of vitamin B1, B3 and vitamin A have been seen in people who drink a lot of alcohol. 

B3 has anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin A is crucial for the maintenance of the skin layers and can contribute to increased healing of the skin whilst also preventing acne breakouts. 

Although the root cause of acne can be more complex, regular alcohol consumption might be why additional breakouts are experienced after periods of drinking. 

Remember that this is individual. Your friends might be drinking way more than you do and they don’t experience acne but this is where the holistic approach needs to be considered as we are all unique and what works for one person might not work for someone else.

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Ellen Sorlen

Founder and Owner of Nourish with Ellen

I’m Ellen, a fully qualified, insured and registered nutritional therapist with over 200 clinical hours. I strongly believe we need to nourish our bodies to flourish as individuals. Balance and moderation are the keys to a happy and healthy life and this is something I value and make sure are applied to the work I do with my clients.

Nutrition is so much more than just the food we eat, it’s about how we eat, our relationship with food but also with ourselves. It’s about lifestyle choices, mindset and purpose.My mission is to find what works for YOU and your individual circumstances. Get in touch to find out how I can help you take control over your health.

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